Havoc Shield raises $1.45 million to enhance enterprise-grade cybersecurity among small businesses

Havoc Shield raises $1.45 million to enhance enterprise-grade cybersecurity among small businesses

Published: 19-11-2020 13:34:05 | By: Bob Koigi | hits: 212 | Tags:

Havoc Shield, a technology company whose all-in-one cybersecurity platform is built specifically for startups and small businesses who need to secure their remote workforce, address cyber attacks and win large customers, has raised $1.45 million in a round led by Hyde Park Angels, with participation from Techstars, Active Capital, Lofty Ventures, and individual angels.

This funding will enable Havoc Shield to grow their team, both in Chicago and remotely, and expand its reach to help even more small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) conduct business safely.

A study by Havoc Shield of 2,099 small businesses revealed that the average small business has 25 breached user profiles, amongst other vulnerabilities identified on their websites, workstations, and infrastructure. Without a dedicated security team, these businesses struggle to get ahead of what can easily become a business-ending set of cybersecurity risks.

Havoc Shield reduces the burden on SMBs by giving them access to advanced security technology that provides protection against data breaches, phishing, dark web activity, and other threats. The Havoc Shield platform offers comprehensive security and compliance features that meet the standards of Fortune 100 companies, making it easier for businesses working to win deals with those companies.

Ankur Gopal, CEO, Interapt: “When we take on sophisticated projects for our clients that bear regulatory obligations due to HIPAA, GDPR, FINRA, or otherwise, Havoc Shield is the ally that helps us manage -- and fulfill -- our nuanced cybersecurity obligations.”

John Higginson, CTO, Groupon: “What sets Havoc Shield apart is the ‘pro tools made simple’ nature of its offering. Havoc Shield not only provides top-quality security technology, but also makes it easy for small businesses to implement and benefit from that technology. At a time when so many businesses are struggling to keep up with online security threats, much less compliance best practices, Havoc Shield is more critical than ever for staying competitive and winning business.”

Brian Fritton, CEO and co-founder, Havoc Shield: “For a long time, cybersecurity technology has been virtually inaccessible to small businesses, who largely can’t afford those resources. We created Havoc Shield because we believe in democratizing cybersecurity for the little guy. Small businesses deserve the ability to protect what they’ve built, just as much as larger companies that have dedicated cybersecurity staff.”

Since the end of Q2 2020, Havoc Shield has quadrupled its client list. In the coming months, the company aims to grow its team to help more small businesses protect themselves from threats and achieve customer trust.