Globo partners with American startup HeadSpin to improve User Experience of Smart TVs

Globo partners with American startup HeadSpin to improve User Experience of Smart TVs

Published: 02-11-2022 08:47:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 371 | Tags:

LatAm media group Globo, announced a strategic partnership with HeadSpin, the developer of a data science driven digital experience intelligence platform used to provide flawless digital experiences.

Both companies will offer a state-of-the-art testing automation solution, conducted in real-time and on real devices, with AI & ML capabilities to perform root cause analysis of problems that erode user experience. This is a process designed to identify and mitigate video streaming problems on Smart TVs.

The product-market fit (PMF) was developed from Globo’s experience with its streaming service Globoplay, and in a joint effort between its technology team and HeadSpin. The product is already being used by Globo and is now available for sale to other players in the media industry. With operations in Silicon Valley since 2019, aimed at identifying high-performance startups to develop new partnerships and solutions for its businesses, Globo has reinforced its presence in the global innovation ecosystem through this new partnership.

Carlos Moreira, Director of Ecosystem and International Partnerships, Globo: ''The product was developed in approximately eight months, with the Globo and HeadSpin teams working in a collaborative and integrated fashion. We soon realized that user demands on the Globoplay platform were also real demands for other media companies, especially those providing streaming services, and so we decided to take advantage of this business opportunity.''

In this way, HeadSpin has taken advantage of Globo's technological expertise, in addition to its extensive experience in the media and entertainment industry and deep penetration of the Brazilian market. In contrast, Globo will be able to increase its presence in the media industry by giving Globo Ventures the opportunity to become a future shareholder of HeadSpin besides benefiting from the startup’s own growth.

Rajeev Butani, CEO, HeadSpin: ''Globo is driving its omnichannel growth in Brazil and around the world, and to do so, it sought a technology partner to improve the end user streaming experience across multiple locations and devices. With the help of HeadSpin’s solution, Globo is able to focus on development of new products to increase user engagement on devices such as Smart TVs and mobile phones.We are very proud of this partnership.''

Luiz Gabriel Vasconcelos, Head of Ecosystem & Partnerships for Ad and Data, Globo: ''Partnerships such as the one made with HeadSpin strengthen our understanding that Globo’s technology department is a valuable asset not only for driving the continuous evolution of our business, but also increasing revenue from the value created from our corporate alliances and partnerships. The ecosystem views Globo as a Technology Powerhouse that can fuel business growth of companies in this sector.''

The largest media company in Latin America, Globo is present in 99% of Brazilian homes and has already exported its stories to more than 190 countries around the world. The company reaches more than 120 million Brazilians every day through its free-to-air and pay TV channels, streaming platform Globoplay and digital products, such as, g1, ge and gshow. The partnership deal with HeadSpin also reinforces the company's commitment to becoming a media tech company, in which building a direct-to-consumer (D2C) business model has been a key pillar in its digital transformation process.

''We want to be increasingly recognized as a gateway for companies looking to expand their business operations in Brazil, tapping into this new market with a solid and long-lasting strategy. We hold valuable assets used for the development of new products and solutions and are willing to share our knowledge and experience to promote innovation and growth in the media industry as a whole,'' concludes Carlos Moreira.