FunFair Technologies launches new blockchain venture capital business

FunFair Technologies launches new blockchain venture capital business

Published: 24-02-2022 12:48:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 4355 | Tags:

FunFair Technologies announced the launch of a new blockchain venture capital business, FunFair Ventures, with the aim to plug a gap in the funding process for early-stage blockchain projects. Having developed, launched, operated and marketed successful decentralised applications and a top 100 ERC20 token, they plan to work with partners who require more than just funding.

Founded in 2017 with a mission to develop decentralised applications for igaming, FunFair has been at the bleeding edge of blockchain development since. With the recent focus on R&D in blockchain scaling tech, FunFair has built projects on various platforms, including Polygon, Solana, Optimism, xDAI and dfinity.

Alongside this technical expertise and experience, FunFair Ventures will also offer commercial, marketing and corporate support to all their partners. FunFair Technologies embarked on their first investment in 2021, the successful NFT marketing platform, AwardPool, and they aim to add many more to their portfolio in 2022.

Lloyd Purser, COO, FunFair Ventures: "We've been looking to formalise our venture capital offering for a while and have seen that we can plug a gap to help early-stage startups to drive significant growth and value. Blockchain is a really exciting place to be right now, and there's more and more capital coming into the market, and we look forward to being part of its growth."