Fintech startup TiiCKER brings MarketWatch, CNBC, Benzinga and others to individual investors

Fintech startup TiiCKER brings MarketWatch, CNBC, Benzinga and others to individual investors

Published: 21-05-2021 12:58:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 1483 | Tags:

TiiCKER, a Detroit-based fintech startup that engages, verifies and rewards retail investors through stock perks unveiled an aggregated news feature to its platform. TiiCKER gathers real-time news from more than 3,000 global news sources from major publications and regional media, like MarketWatch, CNBC and Benzinga.

TiiCKER partnered with IEX Cloud to provide shareholders greater access to news from their favorite publicly traded companies, all in one place. Articles are sourced automatically and can be found on each brand page with the click of a button for easy access while using the platform.

Jeff Lambert, founder and CEO, TiiCKER: "Connecting shareholders to their favorite publicly traded companies has never been easier. This functionality adds another unique TiiCKER connects brands to their loyal consumers. Shareholders can find details like how their stocks are doing or what new tech a company is developing. Adding a news feature makes investing that much easier."

Interested investors can discover news about their favorite companies by visiting, searching their favorite brand and toggling to the news section. News is aggregated from many sources, notably CNET, Benzinga, New York Times, The Street, CNN, MarketWatch, Entrepreneur,, CNBC and ABC News.

Chris Tromp, Chief Digital Officer, TiiCKER: "In addition to TiiCKER's proprietary brand insights, having national and regional news on TiiCKER makes it a one-stop-shop for investors to learn more about specific brans they know and love. TiiCKER provides overall details about the brand, available stock perks, stock performance, commission-free trading and now real-time news."

A recent national Harris Poll survey shows that 82% of investors would invest in a brand or product they love, which further illustrates the importance of brand loyalty and customer engagement.

The TiiCKER news feed is free for anyone to use on the site and is not limited to only users with brokerage accounts connected. It's a tool built for individual investors to be even more connected to the brands they love.