Finance software startup Quartr signs deal with Swedish online broker Avanza

Finance software startup Quartr signs deal with Swedish online broker Avanza

Published: 12-01-2023 09:20:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 4560 | Tags:

Finance software startup Quartr, announced it has passed a significant milestone on its mission to bring the financial community closer together by signing a breakthrough API deal with Sweden's online broker Avanza.

Through this deal, Avanza, with almost two million customers, will be able to offer crucial information such as earnings calls, accompanying documents, reports, and slide decks directly through its online brokerage platform. The Quartr API will help Avanza build stronger relationships with their customers and lead to increased transparency in the market.

Sami Osman, CEO and Co-founder, Quartr: "This is a very encouraging deal for both Avanza's almost two million customers and us. First-party information like this is considerably more valuable than noisy news feeds with contradictory analyst comments - certainly if you want to make rational investment decisions. We are convinced that our API solution will be value-creating for both investors and online brokers worldwide, and not least for public companies, as this enables them to get their equity stories told to a much wider audience." 

Nicklas Andersson, Savings Expert, Avanza: "We are convinced that better information leads to more well-thought-out investment decisions. Here, Quartr adds an important puzzle piece - therefore, it will be very exciting to see what we can do together to give investors better and more successful results."