Evergreen Podcasts invests in Podcast Radio startup

Evergreen Podcasts invests in Podcast Radio startup

Published: 10-03-2021 15:22:57 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 4913 | Tags:

Evergreen Podcasts announced an investment in Podcast Radio, a U.K.-based, independent platform for discovering and promoting podcasts through digital broadcasting and a radio-like experience. The platform features sample episodes of podcasts from all over the world introduced by "podjocks" who also interview content creators. In late 2020, Podcast Radio announced its own podcast production network, which will be powered by Evergreen Podcasts. 

This is the third investment announcement for Evergreen Podcasts, which has completed investments into the podcast Five Minute News and Ars Longa, a medical and wellness podcast network. The deal includes two investments by Evergreen into Podcast Radio, alignment on the sales and marketing strategies of the businesses and an agreement to host, distribute and potentially produce new podcasts for both the U.S and U.K. markets. 

Gerard Edwards, Founder, Podcast Radio: "Podcast Radio has experienced great success in our first year, as we continually help listeners discover new podcasts. We were naturally drawn to Evergreen as we are dedicated to showcasing incredible podcast content on our platform. We look forward to furthering our fantastic partnership."

Michael DeAloia, CEO, Evergreen Podcasts: "Evergreen was immediately captivated by the Podcast Radio concept. And when we discovered in our discussions of Podcast Radio's desire to launch its own podcast network, it cemented our desire to invest in the podcast startup."