Epoch startup raises $3.6m to make employee experiences more engaging

Epoch startup raises $3.6m to make employee experiences more engaging

Published: 23-02-2022 15:43:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 6011 | Tags:

Epoch, the employee experience platform, announced the close of $3.6 million in seed funding. Rally Ventures led the seed round, with participation from Precursor Ventures, Turner Novak, m]x[v, Maschmeyer Group Ventures and a number of angel investors with deep operational and industry expertise.

The funding will be used to continue building the amazing Epoch team and supporting growing customer demand. The shift to remote work has created a series of new challenges for HR leaders to solve, like fostering connectivity, providing an avenue for DE&I initiatives, scaling learning and development programs, and more - Epoch is their answer.

Jade Choy, CEO and Co-founder, Epoch: "We are building the future of company culture and turning workplaces into communities where people belong, and can grow personally and professionally. This funding will enable us to expand our team and continue delivering on our goal of making world-class company culture accessible to teams of all sizes and geographic distributions."

Epoch focuses on building the best employee experiences for companies like Reddit, Datadog, Credit Karma, Asana, Zynga, Udemy, Stack Overflow, Affirm, Iterable, Hinge, and more. Epoch is a one-stop shop to manage everything from company announcements to events, learning programs, AMAs, and more. The platform enables employers to make informed decisions about initiatives for employees based on the analytics generated by ongoing campaigns. The end result is a responsive company culture that delivers on the values of the people who work there.

Ashley Frabasilio, Employee Engagement Manager, Asana: "We are going to see the flexibility in the workforce powered by great companies who support their employees by meeting them where they are – and Epoch is the foundation that enables them to do that in real time."

Tom Peterson, Venture Partner, Rally Ventures:"We are true believers in the power of what Jade, and the Epoch team, are building. The way people work, communicate, and seek community is evolving, especially with the rise in remote work. Epoch is creating an avenue for companies to take HR remote and deliver the employee experience that people deserve."

Over the coming months, Epoch will be doubling its current team in order to keep up with customer demand and to continue supporting word-class people teams.