E-mobility startup Bolt launches electric bikes in Paris

E-mobility startup Bolt launches electric bikes in Paris

Published: 01-07-2020 15:19:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 2780 | Tags:

E-mobility startup Bolt has announced the introduction of four and two-wheeled vehicles for Parisian urban commuters, who will now have the opportunity to get from A to B on a Bolt electric bike.

Over the last few years, the Council of Paris has been developing a wide-ranging programme of green initiatives. A major element of which has been the focus on developing a more modern urban transportation system, introducing cycle paths at all major hotspots around the city.

This highly innovative, big-picture plan working toward a greener future for all Parisians is inspiring and made the selection of Paris as the launch-city of our brand new product, the Bolt e-bike, an absolute no-brainer.

Being mostly built from easily recyclable materials like aluminium, steel and plastic, Bolt’s electric bicycles are environmentally friendly. Paprec‘s network in Paris achieves a 99% recycling rate for aluminium, steel and plastic. The maximum motor-assisted speed is 25 km/h. The Bolt e-bike has a range of up to 65 km on a single charge. Bolt e-bikes are disinfected on a regular basis and the streets of Paris will eventually have 1,000 Bolt e-bikes available for rental. All of Bolt’s electric bikes are limited to a speed of 25 km/h and its recommended that the rider wears a helmet for own safety.

To rent a Bolt e-bike, you will need the Bolt app and a payment card tied to your account to pay then  open the app and tap on the e-bike icon in the top-right corner, carefully read through the safety tips and when you’re ready to roll, push off and go.

To celebrate the launch of Bolt’s new micro-mobility service in Paris, all Bolt e-bikes can be unlocked for FREE until the 15th of July. Adding to that, the current per-minute rental price is the lowest on the market at just 0.10 EUR/minute during the launch campaign. Although this is a world premiere, Bolt electric bike can only be rented in Paris but more cities will be added to that list soon.