Dutch startup Innatera raises €15m for mass production of processor that mimics human brain

Dutch startup Innatera raises €15m for mass production of processor that mimics human brain

Published: 05-04-2024 07:31:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 1696 | Tags:

Innatera, the player in ultra-low power neuromorphic processors, has secured €15 million in Series-A funding from Invest-NL Deep Tech Fund, the EIC Fund, MIG Capital, Matterwave Ventures, and Delft Enterprises. This investment will accelerate mass production, broaden application offerings, and expand customer engagements.

Sumeet Kumar, CEO, Innatera: "We're on a mission to bring intelligence to a billion sensors by 2030, and the Series-A investment takes us a step closer to our target. I'm proud of what our teams have been able to accomplish with the T1 and the applications we've built with our customers and partners."

Innatera's microprocessors mimic the brain's processing mechanisms, utilizing a proprietary analog-mixed signal computing architecture. At CES 2024, they unveiled the Spiking Neural Processor T1, boasting high-performance signal processing and pattern recognition within a sub-milliwatt power envelope. The Talamo software development kit simplifies brain-inspired spiking neural network development, demonstrated through breakthrough radar and audio applications at CES.

Johan Stins, Senior Investment Manager, Invest-NL Deep Tech Fund: "We are excited to support Innatera, a leader in the development of neuromorphic chips for low-energy devices. This investment reflects our dedication to advancing technologies that promote both economic progress and environmental sustainability. Neuromorphic computing, by emulating the human brain's efficiency, represents a major step towards reducing the energy footprint of AI technologies. Through this partnership, we aim to accelerate the adoption of energy-efficient computing solutions, demonstrating our commitment to innovation that benefits society at large."

Innatera efficiently reached silicon maturity for customer sampling within its seed round in 2020, and this Series-A funding continues their capital-efficient trajectory with a focus on customer applications and adoption. 

Svetoslava Georgieva, Chair, EIC Fund Board: "The EU is committed to strengthening the semiconductor ecosystem in Europe. Dealing with the deluge of data from billions of sensors in edge devices will require a new breed of energy-efficient computing. We look forward to Innatera's pioneering work putting Europe on the world map as a leading compute solutions provider."