Dutch-based LUMO Labs invests in edtech startup Metacampus to empower digital professionals

Dutch-based LUMO Labs invests in edtech startup Metacampus to empower digital professionals

Published: 30-06-2022 14:38:16 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 640 | Tags:

LUMO Fund II Coöperatieve U.A. and a group of international angel investors are investing €1.5 million in Metacampus, a Barcelona-based training platform built for the virtual economy, to empower digital professionals across industries to thrive in the fast-changing, increasingly decentralized digital world and virtual economies.

Pere Pérez Ninou, Founder and CEO, Metacampus: ''The new roles in the virtual economy are diverse, and there are insufficiently skilled and experienced people. The demand for talent is outstripping supply. Metacampus' training approach embraces Web3, rewarding practical skills over theory, leverages the power of the community in decentralized business models and uses gamification to reward knowledge and stimulate positive competition. At Metacampus, we're laser-focused on knowledge efficiency. Through our AI-driven toolkit, combined with active role-playing and real-time Web3 project experience, we help people pack well over 1,000 days' worth of knowledge in a seriously fun environment that reflects the nature of Web3 culture.''

The business model is tuition-based and geared toward everyone from researchers to new-media journalists, brand managers and C-suite executives and anyone who needs to stay ahead of fast-moving digital trends. Metacampus also empowers the financially disadvantaged, setting up a grant program designed to give access to training to those who deserve it most. The ambition of the Metacampus team is to eliminate bias in the virtual economy by rewarding talent solely based on merit, irrespective of background, personal details or other external factors.

Andy Lürling, Founding Partner, LUMO Labs: ''Metacampus improves equal opportunity for individuals and businesses to thrive in the virtual economy simply by lowering barriers of entry through relevant education. This is obviously beneficial for those seeking access and guidance, yet the even larger return is the influx of new perspectives, backgrounds and talent in what is still a fairly homogeneous ecosystem.''

The experiential program includes expert live sessions and virtual events, full access to a Tech Toolkit with role-play activities over a 100-day period. Students will master the Web3 business tools, learn the terminology and build a valuable community network.  Finally, they'll participate in the creation of innovative market solutions with access to funding from international brands and investors. In addition to the virtual campus in Barcelona, Metacampus will have campuses worldwide, including the Netherlands, the United Kingdomthe United States and the Middle East.

Sven Bakkes, Founding Partner, LUMO Labs: ''The speed and support Metacampus has already gathered in such a short period of time is as admirable as it is telling. It indicates how well Pere and the rest of his team have spotted and addressed the apparent need for diverse talent in the virtual economy. We are excited and happy to be part of this journey going forward.''