Dutch-based Builders studio raises €1.5m for development of HR and proptech startups

Dutch-based Builders studio raises €1.5m for development of HR and proptech startups

Published: 19-09-2022 10:12:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 2918 | Tags:

Rotterdam-based startup studio Builders has raised €1.5 million in funding in its second closing, to develop HR and proptech startups and start international expansion.

The startup studio combines innovative business ideas, funding, entrepreneurs, and operational support to efficiently develop scalable data-driven software companies that shape the future of work and living. The funding raised is part of a larger investment round in which Builders aims for a total amount of €6 million to develop eight companies and start international expansion.

By developing innovative SaaS (Software-a-a-Service) solutions to improve workplaces and housing concepts, the startup studio takes on the mission of shaping the future of work and living across Europe. The founding of Builders was financed by successful earlier exits of Klaver and Van Lier, after which a second investment round was started to fund the expansion of the in-house team of experts and the development of the first two startups, Obeyo, and Influentials.

In the upcoming year, the company aims to raise another €4.5 million to develop a total of eight high-impact software startups and expand to new cities in Europe.

Sharon Klaver, Co-founder, Builders: ''In addition to the successful launches of Obeyo and Influentials and bringing in a great team of experts, we are getting ready to launch six more SaaS companies in the next couple of years. And before you know it, you might just find us in Spain.''

Builders strive to develop two to three new software startups per year, working closely together with entrepreneurs who become equal co-founders. The innovative ideas for these SaaS companies originate from ongoing research into the market for emerging and future trends by the startup studio’s team.

After identifying promising trends, entrepreneurs (a CEO and CTO) with a vision that matches the project, are brought in to develop these trends into a successful and impactful software company along with the team from Builders. This process is subjected to an extensive validation process.

During the crucial first months, following the validation process, the entrepreneurs are provided with operational support by the in-house team of Builders, consisting of experts in (growth) marketing, product development, HR, finance, design, and technology, in
combination with a capital injection of €500,000.

Throughout the development process, the startup studio works via a unique stage-gate model aimed at acceleration and efficiency, minimizing risks, and allowing the software companies to enter the market within 12 to 18 months. In the following period, full-time employees are hired for the startup to take over from Builders’ core team, so that they can operate completely independently, and start scaling up.

Michael van Lier, Co-founder, Builders: ''Entrepreneurship in the early phase is - in our opinion, the best thing there is and comes with its own unique challenges. In the past years, we have created a studio model with the right balance between entrepreneurship, funding, and support. This means that, together with ambitious entrepreneurs, we can quickly realize innovative solutions that add value to work and living. Drive, experience, and the right people around you - these are the keys to success.''