Datawords, French startup FACIL'iti join forces to promote digital inclusion

Datawords, French startup FACIL'iti join forces to promote digital inclusion

Published: 03-12-2020 15:16:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 7278 | Tags:

The Datawords Group, a global leader in multicultural technologies, announced the launch of a partnership with FACIL'iti, a French startup offering digital inclusion solution capable of adapting the display of a website to the needs of each internet user.

FACIL'iti was founded with the goal of making the Internet accessible to everyone, regardless of disability: visually impaired, Parkinson's disease, dyslexia, color blindness, etc. Through its easy-to-use solution, FACIL'iti improves visual, motor and cognitive comfort. Each user is able to create his or her profile, which will then be detected on all the websites that have adopted the solution, whether it be on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

FACIL'iti's patented algorithm required no less than 5 years of R&D, in close collaboration with leading disability associations to validate the needs of disabled people through user tests. As a tool for digital inclusion, FACIL'iti's solutions already equip more than 500 sites (and more than 1.5 million adapted web pages) for clients in various sectors (institutions, retail, luxury goods, insurance...), including many joint customers with Datawords.

Alexandre Crazover, Co-founder, Datawords Group: "The connection between Datawords and FACIL'iti was natural and the fit was immediately obvious, with diversity and inclusion being at the heart of both companies' business philosophies. It's a pleasure to formalize this cultural proximity through a partnership in which the Datawords Group will offer FACIL'iti's digital inclusiveness solutions to all its customers around the world."

For 20 years, the Datawords Group has been helping companies roll out their digital strategy internationally through its technological know-how, its multicultural expertise and its mastery of the digital ecosystem. Thanks to its various teams (Datawords, Vanksen, Wezen, 87seconds and Whatsquare), the group offers a complete range of services for multicultural production (consulting, video production, localization and deployment of omnichannel content, chatbot, etc.).

Inclusiveness is a core value of the Datawords Group, which in February 2019 already established a partnership with The Lucy Collective, an advertising agency focused on diversity and inclusion, and aiming to support brands in creating increasingly inclusive global campaigns.

Frédéric Sudraud, Founder and CEO, FACIL'iti: "Our mission is to make the web accessible for as many users as possible. Digital inclusion is at the heart of our development strategy and we share the same values embodied by Datawords and its 800 employees who come from different cultures and span more than 3 continents. We also believe that digital technologies, when they serve people, can provide concrete solutions, promote inclusion and make the world a better place."

The health crisis has highlighted the critical importance of digital technology. In our deeply digital society, the social and economic inclusion of all implies that the entire population be integrated into the continuous learning effort required by the constant evolution of technologies.

"This partnership is another step toward the realisation of Datawords' mission. The Datawords Group was created to increase the respect and understanding of differences in order to bring cultures closer together and to help our customers do the same and get closer to their customers. Everyone matters," concludes Alexandre Crazover.