Danish blockchain startup Drivn enables users earn an income while saving the planet

Danish blockchain startup Drivn enables users earn an income while saving the planet

Published: 27-10-2022 11:23:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 1860 | Tags:

Drivn, the brainchild of three Danish founders, aims to change the world's travel behavior towards a more sustainable future. Transport accounts for around 33% of global carbon emissions, but 48% of people are not aware of their individual carbon footprint.

Drivn uses blockchain technology, a dual tokenomics model and a reward-based system to enable behavioral change in a sustainable way. The project's sophisticated algorithm uses artificial intelligence to allow users to track their eco-friendly journeys and earn token rewards that can be exchanged for other currencies.

Nikolaj Mackenzie, CEO, Drivn: "Drivn is a movement. It's a way of incentivizing the right choices to make our planet a cleaner, safer and better place to live for now and in the future. We're aiming to develop a new environment of smart cities with an engaged community of caring travelers. Ordinary people can make a difference, and with our ecosystem, we hope to motivate people to do just that. By choosing modes of transport with a low-carbon footprint and tracking their journeys using Drivn's mobile app, users can earn an income for making conscientious choices about the way they travel. Sustainable change comes from doing the right thing every day, but that isn't always easy. We believe we can support people by incentivizing environmentally friendly behaviors."

Building a Behavioral Change Ecosystem is a challenge, but with blockchain technology it is achievable. Blockchain provides an opportunity to create and launch behavioral change tools. With the race to net zero already underway in countries across the globe, Drivn seeks to use this technology to enable the adoption of eco-friendly practices in individuals.