Creator economy startup Koji launches brand partnership app, Sponsor Quiz

Creator economy startup Koji launches brand partnership app, Sponsor Quiz

Published: 09-06-2021 15:39:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 1753 | Tags:

Koji, the world's powerful Link in Bio tool for the Creator Economy, announced the launch of its newest Link in Bio app, Sponsor Quiz. This new app lets Creators offer premium content, such as photos, videos, and more, to followers who complete a quiz that tests their understanding of sponsored content. Available now for free in the Koji App Store, Sponsor Quiz can be added to Koji Link in Bios as an additional brand partnership offering for Creators and a new way for them to engage with their audiences.

Dmitry Shapiro, CEO, Koji: "While partnering with brands to create sponsored content isn't new in the Creator Economy, sponsors are increasingly looking for ways to gain additional insights on the performance of their campaigns with influencers. Sponsor Quiz gives brands a new way to verify that their messaging resonated with the Creator's audience. The app includes a robust analytics dashboard that is easy to read, screenshot, and send to sponsors to showcase the success of the partnership, offering sponsors a new campaign metric that goes deeper than just impressions and clicks.

To create a Sponsor Quiz, Creators first select the locked content that will be made available to followers as a reward, then create the questions that test knowledge of the brand's messaging. When supporters open the Sponsor Quiz, they will see a featured image or video at the top, and be able to start the quiz. If they answer questions incorrectly, they can choose another answer until the correct answer is chosen. When all questions are answered correctly, the premium content is unlocked and available to view.

Sponsor Quiz is one of the hundreds of Link in Bio apps available in the Koji App Store, with more launching daily. Free to use and backed by the power of the Koji App Store, Koji Link in Bios allow Creators and passion economy influencers to personalize their Link in Bios to fit their unique styles by editing colors, text, layout, video backgrounds, links, buttons, and highlights.