Creator economy startup Koji launches Shoutout, personalized video requests for everyone

Creator economy startup Koji launches Shoutout, personalized video requests for everyone

Published: 19-05-2021 09:44:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 5200 | Tags:

Koji, the Link in Bio tool for the Creator Economy, announced the launch of its newest Link in Bio feature, Shoutout. Available now in the Koji App Store, Shoutout offers Creators an opportunity to sell personalized videos to their followers, like on Cameo, but directly from within their favorite social media platforms.

Using Koji's Link in Bio profile, Shoutout creates a seamless bespoke experience for fans to submit and receive personalized video requests from their favorite Creators. While fans may be familiar with the idea of personalized videos, the Shoutout experience fosters a sense of connection and validation for both the fan requesting the video and the Creator fulfilling it. Rather than filling out a form, fans record their video requests which ensures that Creators see and hear them.

Shoutout also includes Video Reactions, where upon delivery of the requested video, the intended recipient of the video is prompted to allow the recording of their reaction while watching the Creator's video. This reaction can then be sent to the buyer of the video as well, who will then be prompted to record their own reaction. In addition, fans have the option to send their reactions back to the Creator to show how much the Creator and their video meant to them, giving the Creator a glimpse into the lives of their fans and bringing each closer to the other.

Unlike leading personalized video request platforms who can charge Creators up to 45% in fees, Shoutout allows Creators to retain 95% of earnings. Creators, celebrities and influencers alike are already using Shoutout including TikTok star and recording artist, Jayo and actor and top Cameo creator, Ray Abruzzo.

There are hundreds of other add-ons available to use via Koji Link in Bio profiles, with more features launching daily in Koji's App Store. Free to use and highly customizable, Koji Profiles allow Creators and passion economy influencers to personalize their Link in Bio profiles to fit their unique styles and also integrates more effortlessly with the customizable mini-apps, called Kojis.