Creative tech startup DOOMSDAYX raises $1.5m pre-seed round to turn music fans into producers

Creative tech startup DOOMSDAYX raises $1.5m pre-seed round to turn music fans into producers

Published: 20-01-2022 10:29:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 3871 | Tags:

DOOMSDAYX announced its pre-seed round of $1.5 million along with a unique NFT project in partnership with artist and web3 pioneer Haleek Maul. The Producer NFT Collection gives fans a front-row seat and select governance rights on creative and marketing decisions for an upcoming music video.

This is one example of how DOOMSDAYX is building tools and creating experiences for a massive shift in how fans come together around artists and contribute to projects, while revolutionizing how economics are distributed. The DOOMSDAYX team is led by co-founders Danielle Hinde (Head of Creative) and Eric Doak (CEO).

The pre-seed round was led by The Chernin Group, an investment firm focused on consumer, community and commerce. Other institutional investors include Delphi Digital, IDEO CoLab Ventures and Sneaky Ventures.

Jarrod Dicker, Partner, TCG: "We believe that the next decade opportunity for consumers will be built on the rails of web3, and DOOMSDAYX is constructing a platform that gives fans the unprecedented opportunity to engage with one another and their favorite artists on a deeper level. Giving fans the ability to have more involvement in their favorite artist and band's creative process is a new evolution, and we are excited to see a world where anyone can become a producer, contributor and creator alongside their favorite artists."

Haleek Maul is recognized by the crypto community as one of the artists paving the way in web3, managing a thriving community on Discord and having sold several songs on Catalog; the first four songs off his INNER EP sold for 56 ETH ($235K at the time). This partnership with DOOMSDAYX delivers a Producer NFT Collection that will let him crowdfund $640K to shoot a music video in Barbados - where he grew up - with a Grammy award winning director and production team. Producer NFTs represent such a powerful option as they give fans access and rights without the artist having to give up any portion of their masters or publishing.

Eric Doak, CEO and Co-founder, DOOMSDAYX: "We're on a mission to facilitate artist empowerment in ways that truly enhance and transform the fan experience. Web3 is making it possible to establish a regenerative cycle where an artist and their fans can benefit from one another in a sustainable way that reduces the reliance on traditional music industry mechanics. We're pumped to demonstrate how powerful and compelling this will be with our upcoming projects."

Web3 presents an entirely new way of connecting communities with one another toward a shared objective and goal. No longer is fandom a one-way relationship between artist and fan, but now a fluid foundation where artists and fans can create and collaborate amongst one another in a multi-directional approach. The true power of web3 will be felt when new opportunities are unlocked for individuals, and giving fans the ability to have more involvement, participation and control will be a shining light to show exactly what this technology can do. Music brings people together. The magic isn't just the asset itself, but what happens when the community gets together. DOOMSDAYX is building the platform for that moment.

DOOMSDAYX is deeply invested in the crypto community and has enrolled key advisors in the space, including Anjali YoungCooper TurleyDave Anderson, DeezeFi, James YoungJess Sloss, Sisyphus and Trevor McFredies who all participated in the round as well as Eka DarvilleEvin McMullen, Gmoney and Seyi Taylor.

Danielle Hinde, Co-founder of DOOMSDAYX and Founder, Doomsday Entertainment: "Building DOOMSDAYX over these past several months with such phenomenal talent has inspired and educated me in ways I didn't even think possible. We're still on the ground level of creativity and possibility in the metaverse, and I'm so excited to bring the innovative ethos and company culture of Doomsday Entertainment to web3."