Creative tech startup Artlist launches 100K Fund to support video creators

Creative tech startup Artlist launches 100K Fund to support video creators

Published: 14-09-2023 11:11:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 3253 | Tags:

Artlist, a creative technology company used by digital creators and major brands worldwide, has launched the 'Artlist 100K Fund', a unique one-time grant offered to creators to bring their out-of-this-world creative idea to life.

As part of Artlist's mission to empower creators, this fund is designed to amplify creativity across the globe and celebrate their authentic video content - to represent their stories, unique perspectives, and the diverse world we live in. Through this fund, Artlist continues to provide creators with amazing opportunities to create without limits and inspire people on a bigger scale than ever before.

Ira Belsky, Co-founder and Co-CEO, Artlist: "This fund provides us with the opportunity to help digital creators develop their talents, pursue their greatest passions, and create without limits. As someone who used to be a fulltime video creator myself, this would have been a dream come true for me and it's part of what brings Artlist's vision to empower creators to life. We're excited to launch this fund and continue supporting creators to fulfill themselves and focus on their creative journey."

How to apply to the Artlist 100K fund:

  • What would you do with $100K? post a video (90 sec. max) on your socials showcasing your $100,000 idea. Make sure to tag and use the hashtag #Artlist100kFund
  • Introduce yourself and your vision: fill the application form on the fund's website.
  • Bring your idea to life: submit your application and get in on your chance to win a grant of $100,000 to bring your wildest creative dreams to life.


Interested creators can apply here.