Contextual marketing startup Digiphy connects brands directly to customers one scan at a time

Contextual marketing startup Digiphy connects brands directly to customers one scan at a time

Published: 16-01-2023 10:43:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 4135 | Tags:

Digiphy, a contextual marketing startup is disrupting the status quo by empowering brands to connect directly with customers from every product and physical touchpoint. Through scannable QR codes that link to customizable mobile-first landing pages, product packaging and marketing assets instantly become a dynamic, always-on advertising channel.

Customers can now discover promotions, useful contextual content, engaging media and product traceability at pivotal purchasing moments. For companies, Digiphy creates an interactive packaging experience that captures valuable customer data and insights to accelerate sales, build trust and drive loyalty.

Sarah Ellenbogen, Co-founder and CEO, Digiphy: "Once brands realize that QR codes are more than just a link to their website, that each scan is the perfect moment to connect, communicate, capture and convert customers, the lightbulb goes off. Digiphy's use cases are endless and highly effective. We're defining the next era of packaging design and physical-to-digital marketing." 

Oliver Luckett, Co-founder, Digiphy: "The engagement and conversion rates are blowing past what we first saw in the early days of contextual advertising. Now brands can capture zero-party data without a third party sitting between the customer and brand."

The Digiphy marketing platform is available on a monthly subscription basis. The modular and highly customizable self-serve tool allows brands to create high-quality QR + landing page experiences in minutes, connect each to third-party marketing and traceability solutions, and capture customer-permissioned data and omnichannel analytics without large teams or expensive budgets. The all-in-one solution is a differentiating factor for businesses of all sizes.