Construction tech startup Dibbs opens bidding app to disrupt the construction industry in Massachusetts

Construction tech startup Dibbs opens bidding app to disrupt the construction industry in Massachusetts

Published: 18-05-2022 12:49:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 604 | Tags:

Construction technology startup Dibbs, announced the expansion of its iOS app to Massachusetts, to expand its marketplace in the area. The app is the first of its kind in the construction industry to serve as a marketplace for both construction supplies and services.

Luke Fleury, CEO and Founder, Dibbs: "I was tired of spending countless hours trying to find the best quotes for my projects, this is what inspired me to create Dibbs." Dibbs is an app that will allow contractors, suppliers, homeowners, and more, to find the people and projects that they want to work with. With our built-in bidding templates, we cut the time it takes to place and receive bids in half." 

Rated a Top 10 startup company of 2021 and a 2022 Stevie Awards winner, Dibbs is designed to take the friction out of bidding, buying, and selling products and services in the construction and real estate marketplace. Based out of Newport, Rhode Island, the app has been launched in Rhode Island and currently has over 200 bids on the app with a total value of almost 3 million dollars.

Case Olszewski, COO and Co-founder, Dibbs: "Having a CEO who understands the field and operates on a day-to-day basis with other contractors and suppliers, helps us to ensure we are creating a tool that actually helps our users. Dibbs can help people increase productivity and profitability. The app enables users to save money on their next project with more options and lower costs as well as higher quality."

With the success the Dibbs team has already seen in Rhode Island they are expecting tradesmen in Massachusetts to quickly see the benefit of Dibbs and change the way they are bidding on projects. Users can expect an increase in productivity as well as saving money knowing they are getting the best price and quality on materials.

Searching and contacting various sellers often requires multiple searches. While other apps offer lead generation tools, Dibbs provides customization and ease with their all-in-one marketplace for construction bidding.