Constrafor raises $100m+ to increase the construction industry's productivity, dispel cash flow problems

Constrafor raises $100m+ to increase the construction industry's productivity, dispel cash flow problems

Published: 03-06-2022 14:49:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 3702 | Tags:

Constrafor, a SaaS construction procurement platform with embedded financing, announced its $100 million+ Seed fundraise in debt and equity to build out new functionality and expand its subcontractor invoice finance offering, Early Pay Program (EPP).

With the construction industry facing massive delays caused by pandemic-related issues due to supply chains, labor shortages, and more, Constrafor is addressing a major pain point that has plagued the construction ecosystem for decades: slow payment.

The construction industry has suffered from lagging productivity because of the lack of tools that provide visibility and streamline workflows between General Contractors (GCs) and Subcontractors (Subs) at the different steps of construction procurement. This problem is compounded by the inherent delayed cash flows to Subs that leave them to finance the projects despite their precarious balance sheets and their high cost of capital.

Constrafor's platform helps these groups collaborate through streamlined documentation and information exchange, while its embedded EPP provides financing to the thousands of contractors active on the platform that are looking to accelerate their cash flows. Through EPP, Subs can get paid for their approved invoices within 24 to 48 hours, improving cash flows by up to 80 days without having to use traditional and costly lending sources.

Anwar Ghauche, Founder and CEO, Constrafor: "Construction is facing multiple challenges from higher material costs to a looming credit crunch that will exacerbate the project delays we're seeing across the country. We are proud of the positive impact we're already having on our customers and are excited to see what these builders will achieve with our financial backing. This financing will allow us to reach more contractors as we tackle the biggest challenge in the construction industry."

The credit facility from CoVenture comes shortly after a successful equity round led by Fintech Collective with participation from funds such as Village Global, Clocktower Technology Ventures, Commerce Venture and tech founders from Ramp, Uber, and Paxos.

Brooks Gibbins, Managing Director, Fintech Collective: "Constrafor is re-inventing the financial Operating System of construction and we see incredible growth potential. Constrafor's procurement platform coupled with its embedded financing provides a truly automated and data-driven approach to subcontractor financing. The company's 10X+ growth over the last quarter proves the opportunity for fintech in construction is massive and untapped."  

Constrafor is in a unique position to leverage its procurement platform and proprietary data to de-risk and scale invoice financing in construction. Prior to the agreement with CoVenture, Constrafor had seen demand for invoice financing far outstrip the company's financing potential. With the new credit warehouse, the company will scale this part of the business, making the Early Pay Program a significant contributor to Constrafor's growth and a key driver in helping address lagging productivity in construction.

Brian Harwitt, Partner, CoVenture: "We are excited about Constrafor's vision and have been impressed by the robust ecosystem of construction companies that have adopted their platform and, specifically, the Early Pay Program. As Constrafor continues to expand its invoice financing offering, we are proud to play an instrumental role in providing the liquidity and credit know-how necessary to sustain the growth."