Chinese Venture Capital firm CCV signs UNPRI, makes commitment to responsible, sustainable living

Chinese Venture Capital firm CCV signs UNPRI, makes commitment to responsible, sustainable living

Published: 14-03-2023 09:55:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 1632 | Tags:

The United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) has admitted CCV, an Asian-based early-stage VC firm as a signatory, making CCV one of the first Asian investment-focused signatories.

By becoming a signatory to the Principles, CCV is committed to further implementing the six core principles [1] of responsible investment, integrating E (Environment), S (Social), and G (Governance) into CCV's investment strategy, and promoting sustainable development of the global financial system. 

Wei Zhou, Founding Partner, CCV: "It's an honor to join the UN PRI initiatives. CCV has always valued its visionary investment strategy, and it is hard for us to ignore the exciting prospect of this initiative and the sense of mission associated with it. Some innovative technologies may seem too early from the perspective of financial return, but they are critical in terms of mankind's future development. As venture capitalists, we aim at breaking through the ultimate limitations of the timer shaft and making investments that have positive impacts on the future of all mankind."

CCV's focus on responsible investment originates from KPCB China's commitment to green technology. At the beginning of the 21st century, KPCB led the global focus on green technology engaging Al Gore, one of the world's most prominent environmental activists and former Vice President of the United States, to participate in all Kleiner's green technology-related investments. As the former core investment team at KPCB, CCV devoted numerous efforts to researching and investing in related tracks. Although the technology, market, and global environmental consensus were not mature at that time, the elements necessary for the explosion of green technology have become fully available nowadays, making Asian companies indispensable to forming a leading force globally in the related fields.

Since CCV's founding, ESG factors have been extremely important to its investment decisions. According to Wei, CCV constantly incorporates sustainability factors into all aspects of its investment process. As a partner of the entrepreneurs, CCV has continued to use technology to improve social efficiency and corporate governance, improve the office environment and the fairness of employees, and adhere to an environmentally friendly investment philosophy since its inception. 

As one of the earliest Asian-based investment firms to sign with UNPRI, CCV will continue to polish a unique ESG investment methodology based on the ESG evaluation framework and integrate the ESG investment process and system into the fund's research and investment decisions in the future.  finally helping our planet achieve global ESG goals earlier.