Chicago startup qReveal launches affordable QR code menu and price list solution

Chicago startup qReveal launches affordable QR code menu and price list solution

Published: 10-11-2020 12:31:56 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 4691 | Tags:

Responding to the challenging scene of a myriad of health and safety protocols facing restaurants and other businesses, Chicago startup qReveal has launched a platform that builds easy to use QR code menus and price lists that customers access and view on their personal devices.

Business owners and managers can start building menus or price lists for free, with no credit card required. Once these digital menus or price lists are ready, owners print free QR codes and customers simply point their smart device's camera at it to open the currently available menus or price lists.

qReveal does not charge setup fees and the monthly fees are affordable for all sizes of businesses. There is also no charge for making edits or changes. A business' customers do not have to download any new software or apps to view menus, they are delivered as a Rich Web Application that mirrors the look of native app in a standard Web browser.

Because the process is touchless, the possibility for cross contamination is cut down. Establishments using this type of approach will also be able to save on printing costs and update their offerings or prices at any time without reprinting. qReveal's platform is designed for both restaurants and any other type of business who needs to let customers know about what's available, including health care, entertainment, hotels, casinos, salons, sports and education.

In addition, qReveal lets businesses keep their brand and hospitality alive by still interacting with customers who are ready to order or buy.

Key features include:

  • One or more locations
  • Unlimited menus or price lists
  • Unlimited categories
  • Unlimited items with optional prices
  • Unlimited modifiers such as "add cheese" with pricing that can add or subtract from the base price
  • "Featured" items to promote specialties or move inventory
  • "Limited" items if you're running low
  • 86 or remove items temporarily
  • Upload images and logos
  • Customers can build a "wish list" of items they are interested in, making order quicker


When used in conjunction with other local, state and federal safety guidelines, switching to QR code digital menus can be an effective way to reduce surface contact between individuals or groups.