California startup Space Campers reveals cutting-edge prototype for Tesla Cybertruck

California startup Space Campers reveals cutting-edge prototype for Tesla Cybertruck

Published: 28-07-2023 08:53:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 3483 | Tags:

California startup Space Campers lives up to the renders in a teaser video of their new prototype camper for the Cybertruck that opens and closes hands-free, with air power.

While traditional truck campers rely on gas springs for support, Space Campers is tapping into the onboard air compressor that powers the Cybertruck's suspension. With the simple twist of a valve, air rushes into the camper's pneumatic cylinders to set up and break down camp in minutes. 

Lee Wilkerson, Founder and Head Engineer, Space Campers: "We've built a prototype from the ground up to put our finger on the pulse of manufacturing. We're planning to act as fast as possible once the Cybertruck hits the road. We like to think of our camper as hard on the outside and soft on the inside. Since day one, we've wanted our design to be as rugged as the truck, with the same sort of comfort and nostalgia you'd get from a classic VW bus." 

Space Campers is setting a new standard for versatility with function being the priority. Installation of The Wedge camper won't require modifications to the Cybertruck and always allows for full access to the truck bed. 

In addition to The Wedge camper, Space Campers just released a waiting list for their latest product, The Cap, a non-hinging truck topper for the Cybertruck. Built from the same aerospace grade composites as their camper, The Cap fits seamlessly to the Cybertruck while matching its durability.

Space Campers will be debuting their prototype the weekend of July 29th at Tesla Takeover in San Luis Obispo, the largest event of the year for Tesla owners and EV enthusiasts in North America.