British startup QUVRY launches free iOS videocasting app for high-quality video calls

British startup QUVRY launches free iOS videocasting app for high-quality video calls

Published: 10-03-2021 14:57:28 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 1045 | Tags:

British startup QUVRY announced the launch of its free iOS videocasting app for high-quality video calls, to transform the video call experience. QUVRY is the first free iOS mobile app for higher quality video calls, which casts wirelessly onto your TV. By utilising the technology that's already in your home, simply video call and cast ultra HD video calls in full screen through the "Screen Mirroring" function to your TV, with no distortion (adapting to the best quality and size of your TV).

Around the world COVID has caused travel bans, quarantines and lockdowns that have limited socialising both locally and internationally. Young and old, people from all walks of life have been isolated from one another and deprived of basic human interaction at huge emotional cost. The concept behind QUVRY was born in March 2020 in the UK, at the very beginning of the pandemic, when it became clear that all our lives were about to change profoundly.

Video calls would soon become the primary method of contact between friends and family but are limited by phone and computer screens at home. This method of communication also quickly became the default when working from home, so being chained to your phone or desk might be the last thing you'd want when catching up with loved ones. That's where QUVRY comes in.

Alex Gorey, Founder, QUVRY: "Personal experiences and time together shouldn't be limited to small screen sizes and small spaces." QUVRY is about making the video call experience altogether better by utilising the technology you already have at home, without having to buy anything extra.

Today, the home technology is of such high quality, why not make use of it for a better experience rather than unnecessarily purchasing yet more equipment? Simply by using your TV as a bigger and better screen, and your iPhone camera to capture video - handsfree - in the best quality possible. Other services require additional hardware to utilise your TV and at the beginning of the pandemic were subject to additional costs, possible lack of stock, setting up and delivery times. QUVRY is a simple download away, and you can invite people directly from the app to join you. 

Casting video calls from your phone directly to your TV allows you to put your phone down and relax in comfort (i.e., sit on the couch) without having to hold the phone or miss anything. In turn, this enables longer, more natural catch-ups that could include more people in the space. By harnessing the technology we already have at home, our mission is to help people get together online as comfortably and enjoyably as possible.