Blockchain data startup Transpose raises $3m seed round to revolutionize web3 data infrastructure

Blockchain data startup Transpose raises $3m seed round to revolutionize web3 data infrastructure

Published: 20-04-2022 13:53:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 4589 | Tags:

Blockchain data startup Transpose, whose ground-breaking suite of data APIs vastly simplifies bulk web3 data access, announced an oversubscribed $3 million seed round to accelerate development of product verticals. The round was led by MaC Venture Capital, with additional investment from HOF Capital, Soma Capital, Pareto Holdings, and numerous angels.

Alex Langshur, Co-founder and CEO, Transpose: "Access to fast, accurate, and detailed blockchain data has been an enormous problem in web3. Our technology simplifies enterprise-grade data access across the web3 landscape, from low-level block and transaction data to bulk asset and protocol activity."

By providing developers with streamlined access to high-level blockchain data, Transpose enables substantially faster and more powerful web3 development. Prior to Transpose, translating low-level blockchain data into a usable, human-readable format was an incredibly slow process. A developer needed to parse, trace, and clean raw blockchain data one transaction at a time, record a complete history of all blockchain transactions, and store this data at scale for repeated use.

Transpose solves these problems by delivering human-readable blockchain data at scale, tailored to users' web3 data needs. To spearhead this effort, the company will be iteratively launching their Open Alpha over the next several weeks.

The Open Alpha will be free and will include the following suite of offerings:

  • Block API: Query accounts, blocks, transactions, internal transactions, and logs in bulk.
  • NFT API: Fetch any collection, NFT, owner, transfer, and sale, backed by a world-class metadata and image CDN.
  • Token API: Lookup any fungible token, transfer, balance, price, and trade, including any ETH transfer or account balance.
  • Wallet API: Retrieve a wallet's tokens, NFTs, transfers, sales, trades, swaps, loans, DAO contributions, games, and more — all in human-readable JSON format.