Beverage startup Hangobi raises capital on StartEngine to accelerate growth

Beverage startup Hangobi raises capital on StartEngine to accelerate growth

Published: 24-11-2022 08:35:23 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 71 | Tags:

Beverage startup Hangobi announced it is raising capital on SearchEngine to expand its footprint beyond NYC, bringing its healthy drinks to the masses.

Hangobi is a delicious daily multivitamin in a can. The drink is poised to be the primary recovery solution after working out, getting through a hard day at the office or socializing with friends. The company founders are nurturing a fast-growing company with impressive sales right out of the gate. Hangobi's strong performance is supported by an established online presence with a high reorder rate (45%+ in the last 90 days) and a rapid expansion of its retail footprint with over 170+ stores in New York City and neighboring suburbs – and more importantly, an exceptionally high store-level reorder rate of 136+ reorders across their portfolio.

The $49.9 billion functional beverage market is booming but fragmented. Hangobi believes it is positioned to capitalize on this by combining a robust brand presence with reliable retail relationships. The company was selected by AATAC (Asian American Trade Associations Council) as its primary functional beverage, giving it access to 90,000+ convenience store member locations in the U.S.

Focusing on whole, natural, plant-based, and recognizable ingredients, Hangobi fulfills daily vitamin requirements while alleviating dehydration, nausea, headaches, lack of focus, and stress.

By combining top daily supplements in one great-tasting beverage that works right away, Hangobi allows consumers to stay on top of their game and recovery effectively, and reliably. As it stands today, Hangobi is the only one-stop-shop for all-around recovery.  It's health and wellness competitors consist of low daily value and single-ingredient products, including coconut water, kombucha, electrolyte drinks, and smoothies, all of which fall short of customer expectations.

Hangobi has made strategic and enterprise-accelerating partnerships with professional athletes Rob Pannell (PLL), Foye Oluokun (NFL), Meredith Speck (NWSL), and a group of top-performing UFC Competitors (Vanessa DemopoulosJalin TurnerTerrance McKinneyChris GuttierezClaudio Puelles, and Alex Perez). The company's brand ambassadors legitimize the nutritional benefits of Hangobi and gives consumers a clear reason to trust their products.