Berlin startup DigiWhat launches international B2B case studies standard

Berlin startup DigiWhat launches international B2B case studies standard

Published: 17-11-2020 13:37:27 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 5231 | Tags:

Berlin startup DigiWhat launched international B2B case studies standard to simplifiy marketing, matchmaking and lead generation efforts for tech companies, venture builders and events.

We are going into a future where there is a technological solution for every business problem. Those solutions are best explained in Case Studies, which investigate a business challenge and demonstrate the solution provided by the tech company in the most understandable way. A case study therefore has one main objective: to identify feasible technological solutions to specific business problems.

However, B2B Case Studies are one of the most time-consuming and cost-efficient marketing tools to generate, since they lack a standard format. More often than not, Case Studies created from scratch rather become pitch decks or story boards, due to the lack of understanding of the most efficient format. DigiWhat therefore standardized the format and automated the creation process. This way, a vast amount of Case Studies can be generated in a short time frame.

Claudia Heim is the founder and CEO of DigiWhat. For 2.5 years, she worked on creating the ultimate B2B Case Study standard, interviewing the "readers" (C-Suite and Executives from SMEs to Corporates) with a principal vision to simplify the matchmaking between solution seekers and solution providers. Now DigiWhat delivers the perfect questionnaire to build a case study ready for deployment. She says: "From my professional experience and this extensive research I know that decision makers are looking for specific fact-based Case Studies describing solutions to scenarios. Surprisingly, it is not relevant if a Case Study comes with a client reference, but the solution needs to fit the specific problem."

DigiWhat guarantees consistent quality. Claudia addds: "We are the solution for all those who have a great need for many Case Studies. Hubs, accelerators, digital ecosystems and B2B events were the first to use DigiWhat for their associated tech ventures. Since the Case Studies are standardized, they can be easily filtered for suitable solutions for business challenges. DigiWhat turns listings and logos of tech companies on websites into relevant content. The Plug&Play solution delivers embed code and a custom made filter. We are happy that the decision for our solution is seen as a logical consequence for matching tech solutions."