Battery recycling startup Redivivus receives funding from ENEOS Innovation Partners to accelerate growth

Battery recycling startup Redivivus receives funding from ENEOS Innovation Partners to accelerate growth

Published: 27-01-2023 11:21:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 297 | Tags:

Redivivus, a lithium-ion battery recycling startup, announced an investment from ENEOS Innovation Partners, a corporate venture capital firm committed to delivering new energy, materials, and services to help realize a carbon neutral, recycling-oriented society for future generations. The investment by ENEOS Innovation Partners marks the final tranche of the pre-seed fundraising round by Redivivus, totaling over $1 million.

Redivivus provides safe end-of-life battery logistics. While the majority of the battery recycling industry is focused on materials processing, Redivivus is concerned with the first step of safely transporting hazardous end-of-life batteries prior to recovering critical elements through their patented technologies, Redi-Shred and Redi-Cycle.

The initial collaboration between Redivivus and ENEOS Innovation Partners will accelerate the development of Redi-Shred®, a passivation technology to safely process end-of-life batteries at any state of charge or health. In the next phase, the goal is to develop a mobile system for specific use cases including the deployment of battery logistics vehicles. Toshihiro Horio of ENEOS Innovation Partners stated, "We hope for a truly eco-friendly, safe, and reliable battery recycling by innovation."

Redivivus is utilizing the pre-seed funds to build their first integrated Redi-Shred system. The company is planning pilot programs with partners in the United States. The three-part passivation system includes cryogenics to slow the thermal kinetics of batteries in any state of charge or health, customized shredding equipment and conveyance, and a neutralizing bath to render material ready for transport.

Luke Workman, CTO, Redivivus: "The pre-seed funding round is a stepping stone to showcase the need for technology that is considerate of the realities of battery recycling." 

Erika Guerrero, CEO, Redivivus: "Redivivus is honored for the opportunity to create global recycling technology. The collaboration with ENEOS Innovation Partners is aligned with our commitment to a global view on technologies that improve life for all beings."