B2B AI-driven startup MetaSpark secures initial seed round to accelerate growth

B2B AI-driven startup MetaSpark secures initial seed round to accelerate growth

Published: 08-06-2021 13:26:41 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 5119 | Tags:

MetaSpark, a B2B AI-Driven Productivity Hub SaaS platform for enterprises, announced the closing of an initial seed round of funding. The funding was secured from an undisclosed partner and is the first round of funding raised by the company. The funding comes as MetaSpark has completed its Minimal Viable Product (MVP) and has begun taking it to market, already capturing multiple customers in the enterprise space.

Stephen Costigan, Co-founder and CEO, MetaSpark: "MetaSpark's purpose is to totally revolutionize the way businesses manage their tasks, goals, performance and, ultimately, people. I'm proud of our team to have bootstrapped this company to its current level of success, building a robust MVP and gaining market traction with some large enterprise customers. However, this initial round of funding will enable us to further accelerate our go-to-market and customer acquisition efforts by investing further into sales and marketing, as well as advancing our product even further."

The average employee switches between apps over 1,000 times a day, according to analysis from Pegasystems Inc. This is often a source of inefficiency, lost productivity, and even employee turnover. Businesses struggle to manage this because the disparate software systems generally are not built to communicate between each other. This leaves everyone's tasks, data, and key insights locked into every unique software platform they use. MetaSpark's unique approach to integrating into these software platforms uses AI to extract, centralize and make sense of this data.

Patrick Worthington, Co-founder and COO, MetaSpark: "Forbes reports that employees waste 32 days a year due to switching between apps. We're building the go-to solution for enterprises to reduce this lost productivity and streamline their employees' work experiences. From HR to IT to Operations, every department benefits from better task management, and the data-driven insights that come from it. This seed round is the next step on our journey toward disrupting the work experience."