Austin entrepreneurs launch new crypto cybersecurity startup, CryptoArmor

Austin entrepreneurs launch new crypto cybersecurity startup, CryptoArmor

Published: 26-04-2022 12:22:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 4273 | Tags:

Austin-based entrepreneurs Grant Mitterlehner and Brendon Kelley are together forming a new startup, CryptoArmor, to build security tailored for crypto, NFT, and metaverse companies. Mitterlehner and Kelley, Co-founders of CryptoArmor, are bringing runtime protection that can prevent breaches and ransomware in real-time, the industry's first crypto runtime protection software.

Kelley is the founder of RRcybersec, a cybersecurity firm in Austin. He's also the Co-author of Tribe of Hackers Blue Team. He led cybersecurity efforts for Patientco through its acquisition to Waystar. Previously he was a part of Bazaarvoice, where he built security tools for a team of forty plus distributed teams. He says he is confident they're building a need for the market, "We're trying to prevent the headlines you see today with daily crypto breach headlines. We're building security that actually works."

Mitterlehner is the CEO of MittGroup, which is one of the fastest growing solar companies in the nation. MittGroup recently was listed as the #1 Best Place to Work by the Houston Business Journal. Then at the end of 2020, Mitterlehner founded Mitt Blockchain, which is a crypto mining company that focuses on Bitcoin and Ethereum mining. Mitterlehner is a regular on Cavuto Coast to Coast on Fox Business where he discusses the crypto industry multiple times a month.

The two noticed a huge lack of cybersecurity effort in the crypto space. Just last week nearly $600 million in Ethereum was stolen from NFT Gaming Blockchain. Mitterlehner & Kelley believe that crypto security is key for the industry's future. They believe that it is essential for investors to be protected from hackers and criminals so the industry will continue to grow.

CryptoArmor specializes in cybersecurity protection for NFT projects, crypto miners, wallets, exchanges and more. Their goal is to give crypto investors and companies an opportunity to protect their assets and customers. CryptoArmor's services include crypto runtime protection, privacy & compliance, vCISO, penetration tests, and more