Aussie legaltech startup goes global wiith COVID-19 diagnosis tool

Aussie legaltech startup goes global wiith COVID-19 diagnosis tool

Published: 26-05-2021 16:15:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 1710 | Tags:

Australian legaltech startup Rulestar is demonstrating how its software, built to automate complex legal documents, can improve COVID-19 decision-making. Rulestar has converted a complex, static flowchart from an academic article into a dynamic online tool designed for anyone to use. Their automated COVID-19 diagnosis tool is made available online for demonstration purposes through the Rulestar website.

Rulestar was inspired to build this new product by seeing frontline workers stretched beyond capacity in devastated countries like the USA and India.

David Lipworth, Managing Director, Rulestar: "We looked up what's involved in triaging a potential Coronavirus patient: the logic isn't simple. We figured that it's dangerous to expect exhausted and stressed-out frontline workers to follow something like that."

The example aims to show that automation can not only increase the speed of decision-making but also, and more importantly, improve the quality of decisions. Driven by this COVID-19 use case, the company is now taking its platform global and making it available for 'DIY' automation across all industries.

Rulestar is a no-code platform for automating decisions and documents. At the heart of the technology is a powerful logic engine, with a graphical logic builder, which makes automation with complex logical rules accessible for non-developers.