Apto Payments acquires fintech startup Vertical Finance

Apto Payments acquires fintech startup Vertical Finance

Published: 10-09-2021 15:04:17 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 164 | Tags:

Apto Payments, a next-generation cards and payments company, announced its acquisition of challenger credit card startup, Vertical Finance. The move expands both Apto Payments' product offerings and team.

Through the acquisition, Apto Payments will gain Vertical Finance's innovative credit card platform and rewards technology. Prior to the acquisition, Vertical Finance's credit platform matched consumers with high-quality boutique merchants and authentic rewards to enhance their lifestyle pursuits.

Meg Nakamura, Co-founder and CEO, Apto Payments: "Card issuance represents a critical new frontier for consumers and businesses as innovations in payments strive to create positive impact across a variety of use cases. We are thrilled to team up with Vertical Finance, a pioneer in modernizing the credit card industry, to realize our shared vision of lowering barriers to entry and enabling superior customer experiences."

Additionally, Apto Payments will be bringing in Vertical Finance's experienced team of fintech experts to contribute to the company's growth, development of new products, and overall efforts to continue expanding access to financial services. The team includes Matthew Goldman (Co-Founder and CEO), Samantha Nebrich (Co-Founder and COO), Richard Francia (CTO), Dominic Cheung (Chief Architect), and Evan Li (Full Stack Engineer).

Matthew Goldman, Co-founder and CEO, Vertical Finance: "Apto is at the forefront of bringing the power of cards to companies and developers everywhere. We are excited to combine our technology with the Apto platform to enable new experiences."