Agribusiness e-Commerce startup Agrizon receives investment to expand operations in Latin America

Agribusiness e-Commerce startup Agrizon receives investment to expand operations in Latin America

Published: 08-02-2022 12:59:51 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 4303 | Tags:

 Agrizon, a specialized cross-border e-Commerce company that connects and delivers worldwide brands of ag inputs to farmers and businesses, has received investment from Latin Leap Venture Capital Studio to expand operations in Latin America.

Agrizon has onboarded through its Seed Investment Club (SIC) as a strategic investor supporting the company's growth to become the leading Ecom platform in the agro-industry in Latin America. Agrizon empowers efficient connections with quality brands of inputs and buyers and finance options for users.

Agrizon offers a catalog of +5000 products from 200 suppliers and caters to customers mainly in Ecuador for now where the company already represents 85% of the online traffic in the agribusiness sector.

Luis Fernando Hidalgo, CEO,  Agrizon: "While working at an agro company in Ecuador I witnessed that our clients could not access all brands in one-stop store, due to distance and mobility issues and that some suppliers did not have a way to reach final customers. Traditional options at the time were through catalogs that directed the farmers to the seller. Agrizon changed the game by offering online transactions, speed product delivery to the farmer in less than 72 hours and high quality customer service."

Stefan Krautwald, Managing Director, Latin Leap: "Latin America is home to the largest cultivable lands on earth, and the agriculture market, which has been operating very much offline, is accelerating digital adoption and seeking more efficient supply chain solutions to keep up with the global competition. Agrizon had created a loyal customer base and has the vision to become the number one platform in the LATAM agribusiness industry."

Through the new investment, Agrizon aims to consolidate its leadership position in Ecuador and expand operations to Mexico initially.