African AI startup Superfluid Labs receives investment from ShEquity

African AI startup Superfluid Labs receives investment from ShEquity

Published: 28-07-2020 13:17:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 3675 | Tags:

GreenTec Capital announces that Superfluid Labs was selected as the first investment for the newly launched ShEquity investment vehicle which focuses on providing smart and sustainable investments for African female entrepreneurs and innovators. The investment vehicle which is spearheaded by Pauline Koelbl, provides early stage capital and structure operational support as well as the facilitation of access to high-value networks.

ShEquity invested in Superfluid for it’s innovative SaaS business intelligence and algorithmic service offerings. Superfluid was co-founded by Timothy and Winifred Kotin with the brother and sister duet being the driving force of the company. Superfluid has recently also attracted investment from a consortium of angel investors in late 2019, won the ENGIE credit scoring challenge at the Africa Tech Venture Summit in January 2020 and has been growing at a exemplified rate even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ShEquity investment will help the Superfluid team to continue scaling their operations in Africa, facilitate further IT developments as well as close business development contracts. We are looking forward to the contribution of ShEquity as the latest investor in Superfluid Labs.

Winifred Kotin, SuperFluid  co-founder said: “At Superfluid Labs, we empower businesses creating sustainable lives for impact with the needed intelligence to better serve their customers and create value.  The investment will propel our growth and increase our ability to expand economic opportunities through the power of data and AI.  Specifically, we shall scale both business and product development as needed to achieve our ambitious growth plans.''

''The investment ethos of ShEquity is novel given the several structural and societal inequalities that usually curtail the fulfillment of aspirations of several visionary women. The company is providing a unique platform to equalize gender gaps and will allow many female entrepreneurs to achieve their set business vision much more easily than before. We join others to celebrate ShEquity on this noble cause,” she added.

Pauline Koelbl, ShEquity Founder and Managing Director said: “We are excited to be backing Superfluid Labs and joining hands with GreenTec to support the team’s journey towards growing and scaling Superfluid Labs. Superfluid Labs is tackling serious challenges which affect many African businesses, especially startups, and the Co-founders, Winfried and Timothy, understand very well African markets where this solution is most needed. Since ShEquity’s offers more than money, we look forward to working closely with the team so that we can get this solution to many businesses across Africa.”