Aena launches the second call of its startup acceleration program

Aena launches the second call of its startup acceleration program

Published: 07-06-2023 14:42:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 3287 | Tags:

Aena has launched Aena Ventures, an open innovation program for accelerating startups that manage to meet a number of strategic challenges for the company. The call, open from June 1 through July 31, is aimed at those startups and technology companies proposing disruptive solutions to the current and future challenges the airport industry faces.

This second edition of Aena Ventures is part of Aena's Strategic Plan for Innovation and Digital Transformation, which has been developed to drive innovation and take advantage of technology and new business models, as well as to promote the airport of the future.

In the first call, Aena received more than 250 proposals from startups of 33 different nationalities. Five of them participated in an acceleration phase, in which they received €50,000 and were mentored by experts. Today, four of the accelerated projects are providing their services in Aena airports.

This edition will focus on five axes: sustainability, data management, digitisation, efficiency and traveler experience.

  • Airport destination: solutions aimed at expanding passengers', companions' and customers' options regarding airport-related procedures, pickups and deliveries in airport environments, by offering new products, services and experiences.
  • Data-driven airport: solutions aimed at getting to know passengers better, gathering information for further improving the airport offer, increasing revenues and optimizing the use of infrastructure.
  • Airport efficiency: solutions and technologies aimed at streamlining the transit of passengers through airport processes.
  • Virtual airport: innovative solutions aimed at providing the technology needed to digitize services, virtualize experiences and add value.
  • Greener airport: solutions and technologies aimed at compensating the activity and managing airport infrastructure and its resources more efficiently, with a view to sustainability and environmental impact.


All the startups and entrepreneurs who want to participate in the second edition of Aena Ventures can learn more about the 2023 call here.