AI video game wagering startup PLLAY launches MicroVentures campaign, builds on $3m seed round

AI video game wagering startup PLLAY launches MicroVentures campaign, builds on $3m seed round

Published: 18-12-2020 12:20:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 1850 | Tags:

PLLAY, a skill-based video game wagering platform, officially launched a campaign on MicroVentures, an equity-based crowdfunding website, opening an investment opportunity to the public. The move builds on PLLAY's recent $3 million seed round that included investments from Screen Play Ventures and NBA All-Star Bradley Beal.

Christine Krzyzanowski, Co-Founder and CMO, PLLAY: "We're creating opportunities for gamers to earn cash from playing their favorite video games, but we also believe they deserve a seat at the table. PLLAY was developed with everyday gamers in mind. It felt only natural to give them, and others who don't traditionally have access to early-stage tech deals, the chance to invest in the company as well."

PLLAY's mobile application lets gamers aged 18 years and up wager on their peer-to-peer matches and keep 100% of their winnings. The platform, which launched in the Apple iOS store in June, is growing at a rapid rate each month. From July to September this year, monthly active users increased 396%. The average wager is also up 280% to $15.

Shawn Gunn, Co-founder and CEO, PLLAY: "We were drawn to MicroVentures because of its past successes. PLLAY has an existing platform and roster of impressive investors. The MicroVentures team understood our stage in the growth journey and how to add to our capital requirements in an innovative way."

Artificial intelligence is the secret sauce behind the PLLAY experience. Through computer-vision technology, it monitors live streams in real time, certifies winners and losers, pays out money in seconds, and alleviates other traditional pain points like cheating and age verification.

Currently, PLLAY offers peer-to-peer match experiences on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Madden 21, FIFA 21, NBA 2K21, and Fortnite across both Xbox and PlayStation consoles. In the future, PLLAY plans to make more titles available for users to wager on, while also setting its sights on tournament play, giving gamers extra opportunities to take home cash and prizes from major brands.