AI startup Roviero raises $6.6m oversubscribed Seed round to deliver full stack Native Graph AI Processor

AI startup Roviero raises $6.6m oversubscribed Seed round to deliver full stack Native Graph AI Processor

Published: 25-02-2021 09:59:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 840 | Tags:

Roviero, a Silicon Valley artificial intelligence startup, received $6.6 million in Series Seed funding to build a disruptive and industry first Native Graph AI Processor. The new processor addresses the burgeoning edge AI compute market and enables hyper-efficient, ultra-low power and super-high-performance compute, ideally suited for edge applications. The financing was led by prominent Silicon Valley based investor Great Point Ventures along with Monta Vista Capital and Dolby Family Ventures.

Founded by industry veterans and serial entrepreneurs Deepak MitalSumat Mehra and Ravi Setty, Roviero's Native Graph AI Processor democratizes AI compute by enabling edge devices such as cameras, IoT devices, mobile phones and computers to be natively intelligent. Unlike other edge AI processors, the Roviero Native Graph AI Processor brings industry disruptive performance, power optimization and simplified programming for product designers that will enable a new generation of edge based intelligent devices.

Deepak Mital, CEO, Roviero: "Roviero is bringing innovation to the market via its software-based approach to neural network acceleration. The graph instructions invented by the team at Roviero dramatically reduce the compiler complexity, allowing us to implement all variations of neural networks with various backbones and support for all current and future frameworks. Another advantage the approach brings is high utilization of compute thereby dramatically reducing the size of compute elements required and at the same time reducing the amount of active memory by orders of magnitude. Through this huge validation by industry experts, we plan to expand our base and solidify our position as a dominant player in the AI acceleration market."

Ashok Krishnamurthi, Managing Partner, Great Point Ventures: "We see a massive opportunity here to truly achieve the goal of enabling intelligent edge devices with Roviero's world's first Native Graph AI Processor. While AI at the edge space is a very large market there are many diverse markets, each with unique requirements when it comes to area, power programmability etc. We noted, Roviero's approach addresses the whole market through its scalable software-based approach."

Venktesh Shukla, Founder and Managing Director, Monta Vista Capital: "Every edge device from now on will contain multiple machine-learned models that have the right power and area constraints. Roviero's platform can be a worldwide standard for serving these data-based models, similar to ARM's standard for conventional CPU tasks." 

David Dolby, CEO, Dolby Family Ventures: "We at Dolby Family Ventures have a mission to support the legacy of Ray Dolby and his commitment to engineers and their vision to solve the world's toughest problems. The architecture and the team that the Roviero founders have brought together is going to disrupt how Semiconductor companies and OEM's alike use compute to solve hard problems for their products. We are excited to work closely with Roviero founders through their stages as they enable productization and adoption of their technology into future devices."

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