AI startup Nuclia raises $5.4m seed funding to advance AI-powered search, releases open source NucliaDB

AI startup Nuclia raises $5.4m seed funding to advance AI-powered search, releases open source NucliaDB

Published: 21-04-2022 11:52:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 4743 | Tags:

Nuclia, the pioneer in AI-powered search that is changing how humans access and discover meaningful data, announced it has raised $5.4 million in its seed round led by Crane Venture Partners and Ealai. It is also announcing its cloud native database, NucliaDB, is now available as open source and the public availability of its API that enables developers to integrate AI-powered search into any app, service, or website in minutes.

Aneel Lakhani, Venture Partner, Crane: "Nuclia has built something incredible. Imagine being taken to the exact time in a video or podcast, or the exact block in a PDF or presentation, that has the content you are looking for. And then go a step further, searching not only for content, but also concepts. We believe the explosion of unstructured data like audio and video will only continue. Nuclia is poised to underpin how engineers build search into their apps and services and how modern businesses unleash insight from unstructured data that simply isn't accessible today."

Between 80 to 90 percent of any company's data is unstructured, in the form of text, video, audio, and more. Ingesting, processing and indexing this data in different formats, from different data sources and encompassing multiple languages with different conceptual structures, is among the biggest challenges in search today. Meeting even a small part of this challenge has taken hundreds of engineers and millions of machines worth of computation over decades. Nuclia's innovations put that kind of power into the hands of anyone who can use an API.

Nuclia's Application Programming Interface (API), available today, is capable of connecting to any data source and automatically indexing its content regardless of format or language. Companies can perform multilingual semantic searches on their entire unstructured data set, turning unstructured data into knowledge while owning their own data. Nuclia's API enables developers to integrate AI-powered search by normalizing unstructured data, including video and audio content, and extracting value by using its Natural Language Processing (NLP). Nuclia's Open SDK also allows companies to build their very own applications on top of Nuclia very easily. 

Ramon Navarro, Co-founder and CTO, Nuclia: "We believe that Nuclia can transform the way businesses extract value from data and how data can inform the way we live. It is designed to be easy for anyone to use and fast enough that anyone can increase their understanding of their data in minutes."

NucliaDB is the foundation of Nuclia and the first vector database designed for unstructured data. NucliaDB lets teams use their own vectorization and normalization algorithms while providing storage, indexing, and querying. Using NucliaDB unlocks vector, keyword, and relation search core requirements when dealing with unstructured data