AI-powered finance startup JustPaid launches new API for business payments

AI-powered finance startup JustPaid launches new API for business payments

Published: 10-04-2024 10:32:00 | By: Pie Kamau | hits: 1329 | Tags:

JustPaid, a financial technology startup, has announced the launch of its new billing platform API. The platform allows customers, merchants and other businesses to automatically track product usage and generate invoices by uploading usage data through a simple API integration. Users can easily create customer profiles, process payments, save time on manual entry and manage customer communications directly within their own systems.

The API provides a simple and secure way to save customer details, bank account information, and process both one-time and recurring payments. It handles the full payment workflow from tokenization to processing to notifications. Merchants can focus on their business while we handle the complexities of payment processing in the background. Customers can send event data including a unique event ID and user-friendly event name to servers. This data is then used to track total usage and generate invoices with no manual intervention. The platform provides a seamless way for companies of any size to leverage AI and bill customers based on real-time usage.

Daniel Kivatinos, Co-founder and CEO, JustPaid: "We have a big vision of transforming how business transactions are conducted. Our API allows developers to integrate payments directly into their applications, giving businesses a fast and seamless way to pay contractors, vendors and more. Feedback from our early testers was instrumental in adding features like this that enhance the customer experience."

Anelya Grant, Co-founder and CPO, JustPaid: "We're excited to offer this new solution that streamlines the billing process for our customers. By enabling automatic data uploads and invoice generation, we're helping businesses save time and focus on their core product instead of administrative tasks. Our goal is to make the API accessible to all companies."

Initially focused on ACH payments within the US, JustPaid plans to expand its capabilities over the next decade to support international payments and other advanced features. The company aims to build "the modern railroad tracks for a payments platform" with an interface that feels intuitive and easy-to-use.

The API integration can be added to any customer of the platform with minimal developer work. customers now have a turnkey solution for usage-based billing that scales with their business. The company will continue enhancing the platform based on customer feedback to ensure it meets their evolving needs. built the API with security, reliability and flexibility in mind. Businesses can integrate it with just a few lines of code and start accepting payments right away. Authentication and error handling ensure all transactions are fully protected.  Upon their launch in June 2023, JustPaid raised $4 million+ in funding and is also backed by top investors, including Y-Combinator, Pioneer Fund, Orange Collective, and Rebel Fund, among others.